Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goodbye Snow

Awww...the weather is beautiful here in good ole' Wisco. The snow is melting, it's a muddy mess outside.

I have had spring on the brain lately, but really...who hasn't? Tonight we are supposed to have our first rain showers of the season, very exciting.

Here is a new button necklace I made the other day after soaking up the beautiful blue sky.

Some more yarn I spun...I think I am going to give this to a friend that I am doing a personal swap with. I am very excited about this yarn. It's beautiful 'art' yarn.

And little monkey pretending to be a paper bag girl, this was hilarious.

I start work a liquor store in the next town over. Should be interesting and very easy. I will be able to knit and spin while I'm working!! :)


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